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2022-23 Transportation Changes

St. Louis Park Public Schools is excited to welcome students back to school next week on Tuesday, September 6. Please remember that expanded no bus zones will take effect this school year. Some addresses address are no longer eligible for school bus transportation because it is located in the expanded no bus zone. Click here to check your address.

While we worked hard to communicate this change last spring, we acknowledge that our communications did not adequately meet the needs of some families. We sincerely apologize for not meeting your expectations on such an important change for your student. We will ensure that future communications on matters that impact your family will be communicated more directly. 

Summary of 2022-2023 transportation changes:

  • Expanded no bus zones for students residing in St. Louis Park, including the establishment of a no bus zone for Park Spanish Immersion Elementary School.

  • Condensed bus stops for secondary students.

  • Expanded no bus zones for eligible students who open enroll from Minneapolis.

  • New elementary school boundaries for eligible Minneapolis students.

  • High school students and families were asked to opt-in for transportation.

These reductions in transportation and other non-classroom areas will allow the district to reduce the impact of reductions on classrooms and programs. The changes in transportation will result in budget savings of $325,000.

Please visit the transportation changes webpage at to view attendance boundaries and transportation eligibility maps and more information about this change.

If you have any questions, please contact our District Transportation Department at 952-928-6052 or