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School Board Approves Questions for August Referendum

School Board Members unanimously approved two ballot questions for the bond referendum and capital project levy at the April 12, School Board Meeting. Question one asks voters to renew and expand by $500,000 the Capital Project Levy for Technology and Question two seeks approval for a $136 million bond referendum. If both questions are approved, the owner of a St. Louis Park home valued at $331,800 (the median home value) would pay an additional $18.92 monthly or $227 annually in taxes.

The capital project levy for technology funds the operational needs of technology districtwide - staff, devices, infrastructure maintenance, etc. Absent this levy, these costs would come from the general fund. The current capital project levy for technology was renewed in 2013 for 10 years and will continue through the fall of 2022 levy. District Administration is recommending a renewal at ten years with an increase in tax rates that would approximate a $500,000 increase in the levy to cover growing costs and needs related to student and staff technology.

The $136 million bond referendum will focus on items that enhance the daily lived experience of students, stabilize costs and conserve energy, maintain core operations, and improve safety and security. The bond referendum includes projects that received voter approval in 2017, and were unable to be completed due to pandemic related construction cost increases, supply chain shortages, and regulatory requirements that added millions of dollars to project costs. These projects were important in 2017 and they remain vital to our student experience.

CLICK HERE to view a detailed presentation about the bond referendum projects and the capital project levy for technology.

COMING SOON will be detailed information about the referendum projects, an interactive tax calculator, and opportunities for stakeholders to engage in conversation about the referendum.

Early voting for the referendum begins June 24 and the special election will take place during the August 9 primary election.