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SLP School Board Revises Face Covering Policy Effective Immediately

Masks (face coverings) are not required to be worn in St. Louis Park Public Schools buildings or transportation (including school buses), following the School Board's approval of a revision to Policy 808 - COVID-19 Face Coverings.

Mask wearing is recommended for all stakeholders regardless of vaccination status. Students, staff, and visitors may choose to wear a mask based on personal preference and/or informed by personal risk; and their choice to do so will be supported in all district buildings.

At the March 8 school board meeting, the board approved revisions to the policy in alignment to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revised guidance on masks in K-12 and early education settings. Specifically, face coverings will only be required when five percent or more of the students and/or staff who attend or work at a St. Louis Park Public School or other facility test positive for COVID-19, or when community levels of COVID-19 are high.

On February 25, the CDC announced the COVID-19 Community Levels framework to serve as a new guide for monitoring and prevention strategies. This guidance is recommended for all communities, including schools, child care, and other youth settings, to use in determining when to apply mitigation practices such as face coverings and physical distancing.

This framework places communities in categories of low, medium and high. Use of face coverings is optional when the community level is low or medium, and recommended when the level is high, according to the updated guidance. At present, no schools or other facilities within SLP Schools meet the threshold for masks to be required.

For a detailed description of when mask wearing will be required in buildings and at public events, please review:

PLEASE NOTE: Mask wearing will continue to be required in the following environments and conditions:

  • Students in our early childhood programs (regardless of vaccination status).

  • Staff and students who tested positive for COVID and who have completed the five-day isolation period followed by a negative test who are required to mask for days 6-10 following the initial positive COVID test.

  • Staff in our Health Services offices who provide direct services to students.

  • Students who are demonstrating symptoms of COVID or who are being sent home for other health-related reasons and are waiting to return home.