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Testing Calendar

Parents/guardians have a right to not have their student participate in state required standardized assessments. Minnesota Statutes require the department to provide information about statewide assessments to parents/guardians and include a form to complete if they refuse to have their student participate. When completed, this form should be returned to Assessment Specialist Dr. Becca Starr. Email: | Fax: 952-928-6020 | Mail: 6311 Wayzata Blvd., St. Louis Park, MN 55416 

Statewide Assessments Opt-out Form

Note: The SAC and Asst. SAC are responsible for reminding staff of the district process for communicating potential security breaches within the school and to the District Assessment Coordinator, as well as providing information on the MDE tip line as an additional option for reporting security concerns. This will be posted on each school’s website, with the testing calendar. 

In St. Louis Park Public Schools, we take every care to protect test security, and understand its value as a public investment to provide reliable and accurate data to inform us about student learning.  If you have any concerns about test security that you wish to report directly to the MN MN Department of Education, please use the following link.

For the first item above, if any non-district staff such as a parent or MDE test auditor comes to the school during testing, ask for proof of test security training before admitting them to testing areas. If there are questions of any kind, refer them to our district test security procedures and contact Jami Lapray via email at

St. Louis Park Public Schools 2021-22 Testing Calendar